It was another week of angst, self-involvement and even some love! Here are my thoughts on this week’s B&B

My favorite couples right now are Steffy & Marcus and Ridge & Brooke. Granted there aren’t many to choose from on this show, but Steffy and Marcus were pretty hot in the cabana! While I would like to see more edge from Marcus, I do hope he’s not playing Steffy. Mostly because I don’t want Ridge to be right about him, but also because he and Steffy make a cute couple.

I’m enjoying Ridge and Brooke because they can have disagreements and they don’t break up or go out and cheat on each other or something else that usually happens to soap couples. Of course, that could happen down the road (and has), but for right now they are being written as a loving, supportive couple who have differences, but dig each other anyway and I, in turn, dig that. Of course, Brooke should stick up for her sister a little more when Ridge verbally rips her apart. I mean it’s not like Brooke and Donna are feuding. They are close sisters, so Brooke should act like it. I certainly wouldn’t let my man talk about my sister like that!

Back to Marcus, I like how he stands up for Donna with Owen and from what we know about next week, it looks like he gets a little physical with his former P.I. – I can’t wait to see that! I wonder if there’s more to Owen and Marcus’s past since he is the only one who makes Marcus’s blood boil like this.

Rick and Taylor got some screen time this week, but I really don’t get into them. I find it a bit creepy how incestuous their relationship is. However, I did like Rick and Steffy’s attempt at bonding, even if her father’s brother (albeit in name only) and sister’s ex-boyfriend is now sleeping with her mother. Um, gross!

It was the same ole same ole with Katie beating herself up this week. I’m really tired of watching her inner torment and now Nick of course is torn between her and Bridget. Katie really needs to have some fun in her life, so if they really want to go down this path with Nick having feelings for her, Katie should meet someone or develop a flirtation with an existing character that makes Nick jealous. Anything. Just let Katie smile once in awhile!

I did like how Donna got Ridge to change his mind where Eric is concerned. It was nice to see them share a compassionate moment. Along the same lines as Ridge and Brooke, it’s been nice to see Donna stand by her man and not give in to Owen’s advances. Of course that could still happen, but for now, I really believe Donna loves her Honey Bear and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

As for Owen, I wonder when that gin bottle is going to come back to bite him in the butt. Based on the spoilers, I suspect soon. But whether he poisoned the gin or not, I can’t wait to find out what his true motives are where Donna and the Forresters are concerned.

What did you think of B&B this week? Please feel free to agree or disagree, just remember to keep it all in fun!

Lori Wilson
B&B Writer