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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of January 23 – 27:

We were treated to some powerful scenes this week as Bill’s deception was revealed on “B&B.” Here are some thoughts on the latest developments:

Who does that?
It was hilarious that Bill locked Katie in the tower, though what he hoped to accomplish besides making her even angrier, I don’t know. Being serious, it will be interesting to see what Katie does about her marriage after all of this.

Role model.
Brooke convincing Hope to continue with Hope For the Future by telling her things might have been different for her if she’d had a role model like Hope when she was younger, made for an emotional scene. It also raised the issue of how many teens would realistically relate to a young woman in Hope’s position. Also, at times, it seemed Hope wanted to sleep with Liam, but something else was holding her back (other than her message) – perhaps she does have issues because of her mother?