Ever wonder how an actor would write a soap if they had the chance? Come fall, you’ll get an idea of what kind of show Eileen Davison (Ashley) would script when her new novel hits the stores.

Titled, “Death in Daytime”, Eileen’s book is the first in a series of mystery novels to be written by the actress and centers around the murder of the head writer of a soap opera called, “The Yearning Tide”. A mystery quickly ensues and when the soap’s leading lady becomes the number one suspect, she sets out to discover who really killed the scribe.

While Davidson certainly has a wealth of experience to pull from during her twenty plus years playing characters on The Young and the Restless, “Santa Barbara”, Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful, the actress insists her story doesn’t reflect anyone person or event from her real life.

Although not available until October 7, Genre Go Round has already reviewed the novel and previewed, “With great characters, a fun look at soaping and an engaging whodunit, fans beyond the soaps will enjoy this fine amateur sleuth tale.”

To ensure you get your copy of “Death in Daytime”, you can preorder it now at Amazon.com.

Soaps.com congratulates Eileen on her new novel and can’t to read her creative take on daytime!