B&B Breakdown Week of August 4

This week was certainly interesting with all the voices and visions people had. You would have thought you were watching Passions instead, but a much, much darker version.

Katie berating herself over being pregnant was a bit much. Get over it! You slept with your niece’s man, now live with the consequences and move on. And then seeing Storm was just really weird. It just seemed out of place for this show. Then there’s Nick’s reaction to the baby, like it was no big deal. Um, excuse me you’re married and someone else is having your baby. Your new bride might take exception to that and not see it as the miracle you do.

Speaking of Bridget, why does she feel the need to find a purpose for Katie and why is being Jack’s godmother the answer? Can’t Katie get a hobby or figure things out on her own? And who is Bridget to determine who Jack’s godparent will be? I think the boy has a mother and father to make those decisions for him.

Beth and Taylor’s therapy session didn’t have much impact on me except that I thought Hunter Tylo did a good job in those scenes. It was nice to see Taylor act in a professional manner, until that is she related everything to herself. I’m no doctor, but I’m not sure that’s necessarily professional. I also don’t think her treating her decades long rival’s mother and her lover’s grandmother is appropriate either.