“B&B” Breakdown
Week of January 9 – 13:

It was terrific to see a mix of characters this week on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” though the Hope/Liam/Steffy stuff seems destined to drag on. Here are some thoughts on the week:

Grave condition.
Methinks Bill’s going to be in grave condition if it comes out what he’s done this time. It’s still beyond me why he is so determined to keep Liam and Steffy together – it might be easier to get into this storyline if the motivations were clear. In any case, it’s already getting repetitive – thankfully Liam told Bill point blank that he was riding his last nerve constantly reminding him to stand by Steffy and not upset her. The truth is, all of the ‘adults’ in this situation sound like broken records – endlessly repeating their different mantras regarding Liam’s love life. “B&B” has well and truly dragged this storyline to its death. It’s strange that the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle has taken months and months to play out, while other romances have come and gone at the speed of light.

Scratch that itch.
Of course it’s ludicrous to think that Jackie and Nick could still be stringing Pam along, or that no one could figure out it was Pam who stole the designs – a quick check of the phone records would do it – but this storyline is providing some much needed levity to the show. Nick’s expressions are just hilarious, and though slapstick is sometimes too over-the-top, the bit with Pam putting itching powder in Donna’s nightie was funny too. I didn’t even mind Nick singing at Dayzee’s – it’s a switch from the ‘same old, same old’. Donna and Nick seem like a good match if you try to forget he’s been with both of her sisters, and having Pam in the mix keeps it interesting.