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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of January 2 – 6:

Well, there’s really just been the one storyline this week on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Here are some thoughts on the recent happenings:

Last week in Cabo was such a drag, that it was totally unexpected when Monday’s show kicked off the week with a cheesy laughfest. Who could believe it when the Liam/Hope sappy background music played and Liam looked down into his margarita to see Hope’s head floating there? That gem was followed up by Liam being chased by Enrique and his mariachi band, and Hope getting tipsy on tequila. All of it totally ridiculous, of course, but being able to laugh out loud was a welcome change of pace from the tired, mired-down feeling this storyline has been inducing for weeks/months.

Who’s right?
Who’s wrong? Who cares? Liam was pining for someone else on his honeymoon, Steffy was withholding information, Thomas was ‘pushing’ Hope when he promised he wouldn’t, and Hope was dialing Liam’s digits when he’s a married man on vacation with his wife. Everyone’s guilty of something. I’m guilty of wanting this storyline to end, desperately.