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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of December 26 – 30:

It was fantastic to be treated to the tropical scenery of exotic Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, even if the storyline left us kinda’ cold. Back in L.A., Rick seemed to take an interest in the new intern, Katie continued to talk about Hope’s love life, and Bill meddled again. Thoughts on the week:

Watching this week’s scenes in Cabo was like being on one of those rollercoaster rides that rattles your brain around inside your skull – you want to enjoy it, and earnestly try to tell yourself you’re having fun, but if you’re being honest, you just want it to stop. The hide-and-seek routine at the resort quickly became headache inducing, and was faintly ridiculous considering Liam and Hope run into each other on a daily basis at home. The triangle, now masquerading as a quadrangle, has done nothing for the characters involved either – Liam seems like a wishy-washy loser, Hope’s ‘pure-as-the-driven-snow’ routine is beyond annoying, and Steffy and Thomas are both behaving rather desperately – how positively dumb for Thomas to propose to Hope at this point. Gah! It would have been much more entertaining to see something totally unexpected happen (like Steffy dumping Liam – she can’t enjoy her marriage anyway) instead of simply playing out the same old routine in a different locale. By Friday I wanted to stick my fingers in my ears, close my eyes, and chant, “Lalalalala,” every time Steffy urged Thomas to ‘seal the deal’, or the ‘Liam and Hope’ music started up for another fantasy montage – frustratingly repetitive. Here’s hoping things get shook up in a big way next week in Mexico.