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“B&B” Breakdown Week of December 12 – 16:

Careful what you wish for…
It was more of the same between Bill, Katie, Liam and Steffy this week. Candi was so right in her blog last week about Katie. Watching her scenes with Liam, I found myself wondering why she is so dumb. Of course she has the right to be stressed being around Steffy. As Katie said, it’s obvious that Bill and Steffy have chemistry. Yet why does she keep trying to push Liam towards Hope? A single Steffy is not going to make her situation with Bill better. Katie chose to stay with Bill and make their marriage work. Unfortunately for her, getting along with Steffy might now be part of that package.

Family vacation?
During Steffy’s plea to Katie, she admitted she has been aggressive and made some mistakes, like so many other people on this show. Maybe it’s possible love can change you. The romantic in me would like to believe Liam has done that for Steffy. It was no surprise that Katie wouldn’t accept it. On the flip side of that, lust is totally clouding Bill’s judgment. He can’t really think a “family” trip to Mexico is a good idea. He wants his cake and to eat it, too. When he told Steffy to pack light and just wear a bikini, I found him to be borderline creepy. Bill is being too inappropriate for a father-in-law.