Brandon Beemer with Fan (Lori Wilson,

The 2009 Soap Cruise is prepped and ready to launch with a slew of first time and returning actors. One of the familiar faces fans can expect to see aboard the ship is Brandon Beemer, who plays Owen on The Bold and the Beautiful, and who had so much fun last year, he had to come back for more.

When I spoke with him on the phone, Beemer apologized for calling later than we had scheduled, but he had a good excuse. “Today is my first day working with Susan Flannery (Stephanie). That’s the reason I’m calling late because I was running lines with her. I get to work with her today and I’m very excited. I think we’re going to do some good work together,” he mused.

As for what Owen and Stephanie have cooking up, you’ll have to wait to find out, because as Brandon explained, he was under strict orders from TPTB not to talk to me about his storyline. (Although he did describe playing Owen as “different” and “refreshing” as compared to playing Shawn on Days of Our Lives.) Even though I had several questions lined up about the mysterious Owen, I was just as happy to discuss how much fun the upcoming cruise is going to be!

Explaining why he chose to board the Soap Cruise for its second voyage, Brandon shared, “I just loved the interaction with the fans. The events that we had, and just going on a cruise was a lot of fun. This year especially is going to be a lot more fun because we are on a much better ship, much nicer, better food and amenities and everything.”