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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of November 28 – December 2:

It’s encouraging that we’re seeing a wider variety of characters on screen each week, even if some of the storylines are questionable. “B&B” certainly keeps viewers talking, there’s no doubt about that. Here are some points on the week:

Another one bites the dust.
It was bizarre to have Donna and Justin’s marriage come to an abrupt end even though we could see the potential to reignite the Donna/Pam rivalry. There was no development of the Donna and Justin relationship leading up to their out-of-the-blue wedding, we rarely saw them while married, he had a weird interlude with Katie’s heart doctor, and now it’s over – you have to wonder what was the point of it all?

Marone mash-up.
It’s fantastic to see more of the Marones, but three relationships have now come to poorly-explained screeching halts (Owen/Jackie, Pam/Stephen, Donna/Justin) in order to propel this storyline that involves such questionable fare as Nick trading his, erm, favors to Pam in return for stolen Forrester designs (which was an appalling idea when Amber did it), Jackie playing ‘girlfriends’ with Pam, Brooke setting Donna up with Nick (who has already been with her and Katie), and Donna agreeing to live on a boat. It’s been a lot to take in. The good news is that comic relief is always welcome, and the actors involved here can really deliver. Is the B&B Marone storyline working for you?