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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of November 7 – 11:

There was still a dabbling of other storylines this week, but for the most part the focus was on the latest developments in the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle, which is still the town obsession. Here are some thoughts on this week’s happenings:

You’ve got me.
Thomas has a knack for going from ‘interested’ to ‘stalker’ in about sixty seconds. His look is all Prince Charming, but his romantic gushing gets almost girly at times. In any case, there were definitely sparks between him and Hope when they kissed at Dayzee’s on Friday’s episode. The issue of them being stepsiblings isn’t a deal-breaker for many viewers who didn’t see them grow up together, however, it’s questionable that they wouldn’t feel like siblings to some extent themselves.

I love them both.
The whole Liam/Steffy/Hope situation has become a little unreal at this point. Let’s be honest, Liam would have left Steffy the minute she confessed to lying, got an annulment, and picked up where he left off with Hope. Liam staying with Steffy and not having the backbone to make a decision just seems like a way to get more mileage out of the storyline. For those who prefer Liam with Steffy, it’s bittersweet – he stayed, but keeps thinking about Hope with a long face.

Taylor and Thorne.
Yes, we did catch a glimpse of them together this week. They are not too bad together – here’s hoping their storyline picks up again.