B&B’s MacKenzie Mauzy (Phoebe) has just been cast in the upcoming Broadway musical, “A Tale of Two Cities”! A spokesperson for the soap confirmed with Soaps.com that since she’s landed this exciting new role, the actress will now go on recurring status.

Born in Greensboro, NC and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mauzy has appeared on “CSI: New York,” played Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding
for a time and then came to B&B where she has played Phoebe since July 2006. As for her character, Phoebe recently confronted her mother and ex-boyfriend on their affair and outted Marcus as being Donna’s son.

Based on one of Charles Dickens most popular novels, “A Tale of Two Cites” is set against the backdrop of the French Revolution and centers on the themes of injustice, vengeance and the redemptive power of love. Mauzy will play “The Seamstress” in the musical, which is being executive produced by Barbra Russell and Ron Sharpe.

Soaps.com would like to congratulate MacKenzie for landing on The Great White Way and hope to see her pop in and out of B&B’s often!