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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of October 31 – November 4:

I enjoyed “B&B” this week much more than I have for a while. I think it’s due to the better mix of storylines and characters, which makes things much more interesting. Here are my thoughts on the week:

Well, the green-eyed monster put in an appearance on Halloween – that would be Taylor, who suddenly discovered a renewed appreciation for Thorne upon finding him sipping cocktails with Amber Moore at Bikini. This encounter left me wondering how genuine her feelings for Thorne really are, considering she seems to run hot and cold on their relationship depending on the circumstances. Also, I’m not sure how Thorne feels about being called ‘a dear, sweet man’ – not overly sexy is it? Anyway, I just hope things change for Thorne at work – something’s gotta’ give.

Speaking of running hot and cold, that’s how I’m feeling about Jackie’s storyline. While I love her being a player in the Eric/Stephanie storyline, I still find the whole scenario with her sending her hubby off to another woman seriously bizarre. The fact that everyone concerned is so accepting of it, only makes it stranger.

Playing house.
Uh oh, I can see the potential for conflict down the road with Dayzee becoming attached to Rosie, and the idea of being a family with her and Marcus. I hope Marcus doesn’t get any grandiose ideas about taking custody of Rosie from Amber – that would be nasty. As for Marcus and Dayzee, they’re not the most exciting couple in the world, but their first-time lovemaking was certainly hot!