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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of September 26 – 30:

Well, the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle finally blew up this week. One thing “B&B” does consistently is push the envelope – they certainly don’t shy away from controversy – so having Liam propose to his father’s ex-flame the same night his fiancée dumps him is pretty much par for the course. Here are my thoughts on the week:

Rick’s return.
I’m glad to see Rick back on the canvas, and thought the show did a good job of easing him back in this week. I look forward to seeing what he’ll get involved in, both in business and love.

Bachelor party.
Liam’s bachelor party was not only the lamest stag party ever, but it must also qualify as the most boring party ever thrown by Dollar Bill. I also thought it was weird that Oliver was there given his history with Liam and Hope. As for Bill’s speech to Liam on the terrace about loving him more than his company, I wasn’t quite sure where to peg that on the sincerity meter. I’m sure in Bill’s twisted logic he believes it to be true, but wasn’t Bill’s whole drive to get Liam away from Hope and together with Steffy born out of his concern about Liam’s work? Hmm.