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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of September 19 – 23:

I thought it was a pretty good week on “B&B.” It started out strong and we got to see a good array of characters. The week ended with everyone focused on Hope and Liam’s relationship again, which most viewers are tired of, but at least things are finally being stirred up to the point where we can expect a conclusion and other stories to come to the forefront. Here are a few thoughts on the week:

Falling in love.
The beach scenes between Steffy and Liam were very effective in making viewers see them as a potential couple. Particularly because they seemed to be seeing each other as people rather than sexual objects and it was a good change from Steffy merely offering herself up for a roll in the hay. I was definitely drawn in by their connection, no doubt about it.

Promoting Steffy.
Steffy already had her plan to snag Liam in motion before Bill came on board, and would have pursued Liam with or without his help or blessing, it’s true. However, the idea that Bill isn’t weirded out by the pairing, and that he and Justin are following the action at Liam’s house via hidden camera, definitely qualifies as disturbing.