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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of August 29 – September 2:

Well, once again the entire week, and everyone’s lives, revolved around the issue of Hope’s virginity. I’m utterly over it and really would like to see a return to having a few different storylines featuring at once and our beloved adult characters doing more than just supporting the kids. Let’s take a look:

Night at Bikini Bar.
I actually didn’t mind the Liam/Steffy stuff in the cabana because Liam really is confused about what he’s feeling and where he stands on Hope’s request, so Steffy was giving him food for thought, even if it was coming from a self-serving place. The Steffy and Hope confrontation was also honest, but it’s so funny how Steffy is on the soap box about what growing up with Brooke for a mother has done to Hope – when she’s become a carbon copy of her stepmother. Will somebody please tell Steffy that she is Brooke – right down to the lingerie line, and that she also manipulates men with her sexuality. I guess Steffy’s kids will grow up to be like Hope – scarred for life from seeing their mother in lingerie videos and chasing one man after another. Ah, the tangled web!

Hope’s hope for the future.
I have to agree with Steffy that Hope is building up an awful lot of hype for the honeymoon.

On the warpath.
It’s ridiculous for Brooke and Taylor to be so obsessed with their daughter’s lives and, more to the point, their sex lives. Brooke has no credibility telling anyone else how they should be acting, nor does Taylor since she’s obviously incapable of practicing sound psychiatry when it comes to her own family, or Brooke’s. Bottom line, if Brooke trusts Liam, there should be nothing to worry about – even Steffy.