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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of August 15 – 19:

For me it’s been a pretty good week of “B&B.” There was a new triangle shaping up, the promise of Bill going into business with Nick, and the fashion show. Here are my thoughts on the week:

You saved my life.
I didn’t actually see these scenes, but it would seem it was a pretty powerful experience for Steffy and Liam. Of course it’s wildly unhealthy and ridiculous for Steffy to transfer her affections from Bill to Liam in a nanosecond, but boy is it entertaining! Steffy is excellent at getting Liam all hot and bothered, and I don’t mind telling you I’ve been waiting for the character of Liam to get away from the teenybopper-like storyline he’s been stuck in. Don’t get me wrong, I respect Hope’s position, but it makes for very dull viewing. I’m excited about the prospect of Liam and Steffy. How do you feel? Let us know by voting in’s The Bold and the Beautiful Snap Poll: Steffy or Hope?

Better business…
I’m also excited about the prospect of Bill going into business with Nick over at ‘Jackie M’. I’m over the huge focus on the Forresters, and look forward to a rivalry being reignited between the fashion houses, and the other characters involved getting something to do. On a side note, I’d really like it if they would give Owen and Jackie something to do other than maul each other – it’s really gotten tiring watching them make out while Nick rolls his eyes.