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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of August 8 – 12:

It was a wild week on the show, as Bill made his decision and the fallout was felt all over Los Angeles. There were some great scenes this week. Here are my thoughts on what went down:

He loves me, he loves me not.
Bill made his choice this week and shockingly chose to stay with Katie. While it was great to see Katie get defiant and throw around orders, I’m not buying that she challenges Bill. Also, I wouldn’t want a man who strayed with someone else. She has to know that there is some guilt involved in his staying with her. There’s better men out there, Katie! True-Dollar Bill is smoking hot. Yet, he’s not exactly husband material. I also really felt for Steffy. It is true that she should not have been involved with a married man, but I really believe she loves Bill and was devastated when he left her. Great acting by the ladies in this triangle.

Glass Houses.
I’m wondering where Hope learned to ride a moral high horse, considering her DNA and environment. I think she made a big mistake going over to see Steffy, all for the sake of defending her family. I do get annoyed when I hear Hope throw around family to Steffy, considering Ridge isn’t her real dad. If I were Steffy, that would drive me crazy. Why is it that Hope will forgive her mom for sleeping with her boyfriend, but she can’t understand that Steffy may have actually been in love and over her head with Bill? I certainly don’t condone affairs, but I also don’t think it’s good to judge others without trying to understand how the situation happened. Hope should worry more about keeping her cutie pie boyfriend satisfied, or else she might just lose him. It’s pretty clear Steffy is likely to make a play for Liam.