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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of July 18 – 22:

“The Bold and the Beautiful” gets a mixed review this week. There were some entertaining scenes, but a lot of the stuff happening left a bad taste in my mouth. Let’s take a closer look:

Passing the test.
Brooke and Ridge’s reunion has been all that a soap opera make-up should be, but as is often the case with this show, the repetition begins to feel like overkill. I can only watch so many scenes with them saying that now they can get through anything etc.

Sexy Dollar Bill is really in the outhouse with me this week. Not only can I not abide by him philandering with childish Steffy before ending his marriage to Katie, but he’s also roped Justin, and now Liam, into keeping his tawdry secrets. You would think being caught by Taylor in Steffy’s childhood bedroom would have brought him to his senses…

Yikes, could Katie have had worse timing with the vow renewal? Of course, Bill will go through with it because he’s utterly on the spot. But that will just bang him down another notch in my estimation – repeating his vows to Katie while planning to dump her is just smarmy in the extreme.