Credit: Sean Kanan as Deacon Sharpe (CBS)

Although bad-boy Deacon Sharpe has been off the canvas for quite some time on The Bold and the Beautiful, it certainly hasn’t been a case of “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” where the popular character is concerned! B&B fans long for the return of the flawed, but sexy, man who fathered a child with Brooke Logan! Some would like to see him arrive on the scene and fight for his daughter, Hope, while others simply long to see him hit the sheets with one of B&B’s leading ladies and spice up the afternoon! I recently had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Deacon’s portrayer, actor Sean Kanan. The Pennsylvania native, who holds a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA, is very well spoken and was refreshingly honest about the current climate of the entertainment business (post writer’s strike), as well as his feelings regarding a return to daytime! Enjoy! Hi Sean! Tell us what you have been doing work-wise. Any new projects on the go?

Sean: “Honestly, the writer’s strike changed the topography of the entertainment business, particularly where pilot season is concerned. It’s been difficult for myself, and other actors I’ve spoken to, in the sense that there isn’t a lot of production going on because the writer’s strike reduced the number of pilots, and in addition, we are facing a potential actor’s strike, I believe, in June. Luckily, I produce as well, in fact, I have a project that I was asked to be a producer on that just screened in Beverly Hills, called “Jack Rio”. A trailer for the film can be seen on the Jack Rio MySpace Page. I’m also in pre-production to produce a film called “The Tracks”! Additionally, when the writer’s strike hit, I got into reality television, which was, sort of, the only gig in town, and have two projects in various stages of development, with a partner who runs the television production company that did the show “Overhaulin'”.” You’ve been doing some stand-up comedy too! Tell us about that!

Sean: “Yes, I just did a show at the Improv! I had done stand-up comedy quite a lot over the years, and had taken a break from it, because I was involved in other things, but I want to get back into it! I’ve had a positive response from the audience and just really enjoy doing it!” How do you come up with material?

Sean: “Actually, I steal it! (laughs) No, I draw on a lot of things that have happened in my life. My routine centers a lot on daytime, doing “Dancing With the Stars” in Italy, that sort of thing!” Visiting Italy would be quite an experience, having been on The Bold and the Beautiful, which is very popular there!

Sean: “I get a lot of strange, positive attention there!” (laughs) How is your daughter doing? (Sean has a six year-old daughter, Simone, with former B&B co-star Gladys Jiminez (Carmen)) Does she have an awareness of what you do for a living yet?

Sean: “She’s great. It used to be every time she saw someone on television with blonde hair, especially Ryan Seacrest, she’d say, “there’s daddy” (laughs), but, yeah, she does. Her mother is an actress too, so she knows. She wants to sing and act. They always have multiple things they would like to become. “I’d like to be a brain surgeon, a singer, a dancer…””(laughs)