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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 27 – July 1:

It’s been a long week for those of us who are not fans of the ‘deception’ storyline which is currently dominating the canvas. It was nice to see Thorne, Pam, and Jackie this week though. Read on for the breakdown.

What a debacle.
I don’t understand where one single character is coming from in this absurd storyline involving Stephanie’s master plan. It never made sense for her to turn on Brooke, it didn’t make sense for Thomas to go along with it, and Brooke’s sudden hero-worship for Stephanie is strange considering she was recently ‘done with her games’. Taylor wanting Ridge as a consolation prize doesn’t work, nor does having Steffy act like a six year-old over getting her parents back together. People getting divorced and remarried in a week? Stupid. Sure there have been some good scenes and some intense moments, but if we had to reignite the Brooke/Stephanie rivalry I would have much preferred it to have been over something believable so I could truly get invested. Actually, my initial statement was inaccurate – I can relate to a couple of the characters, such as Thorne, who angrily remarked on how crazy it all sounds, and Dayzee, who is demanding that Thomas straighten up and fly right – great scene with her and Stephanie!