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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 20 – 24:

Well, we’ve certainly had some excitement and romance this week, but some are saying it’s just one too many times around the mulberry bush for Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor. Here are my observations on the past week’s episodes:

You are not the father!
The paternity twist with Amber’s baby, although fairly predictable, was definitely entertaining. Especially since the beats were played so nicely; Carl grimacing as Amber delivered, Bill giving Justin back his cigar, Tawny asking Bill if he thinks they’re stupid, etc. It was an unexpected bonus to see Marcus’s happiness and the chemistry between him and Amber as they took in the sight of their new daughter – this could be the start of something!

What’s in a name?
It looks like something interesting is brewing what with Marcus wanting to give Amber and the baby the Forrester name as opposed to the Barber name. Can you say family conflict?

Cabin chaos.
Even if you find saccharin-sweet duo Hope and Liam gag-worthy, you couldn’t help but enjoy their reunion. I also liked how Oliver was forced to come clean about sleeping with Amber, although his character seems faintly ridiculous now.