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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 13 – 17:

Things were a little more interesting this week what with Amber’s storyline coming to a climax, and taking some of the focus off of the Brooke and Thomas tale. It was also good to catch a glimpse of Pam. Here are my thoughts on the storylines:

Dumb and dumber.
The concept of Brooke being eaten alive with guilt over something she doesn’t remember is plausible, but handing her wedding ring and her husband over to arch-nemesis Taylor on a silver platter, and establishing a charitable foundation in Stephanie’s name are just too contrived. How about Stephanie pushing Nick towards Brooke – who does this? I didn’t enjoy this storyline at all this week – so over it.

Give it up.
I can hardly stand to watch cutie-pie Oliver humiliate himself any longer. Proposing to fickle-face Hope? Let’s be honest – this guy is incredibly good-looking and could have any young woman he wanted – so why not hook him up with a really interesting female character? It would give viewers something to relish and give Hope something to think about.