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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of May 30 – June 3:

“B&B” is currently being dominated by a storyline that most viewers feel like they’ve seen before, and don’t necessarily want to see again. I wish it made more sense to me. I’m also missing many of the back-burnered characters. Here is my rant for the week:

The big lie.
This storyline with Thomas and Stephanie plotting to break up Ridge and Brooke, and reunite Taylor and Ridge, not only has a recycled feel, but it has more holes than Swiss cheese. Why would Taylor threaten to bring charges against Brooke when Thomas is an adult? No one charged her for sleeping with Rick. Speaking of which, why isn’t anyone pointing out that Taylor slept with Brooke’s son? She’s the world’s biggest hypocrite! Why would Stephanie do this now? Why would Thomas tell such a heinous lie to get shares in a company he stands to inherit anyway? Where is Dayzee and her influence on Stephanie and Thomas? Hasn’t Ridge been through this scenario enough times to question that Stephanie was the first one to hear Thomas’s so-called confession? Why does Taylor throw herself at a man who so obviously loves another woman? Gah!

It’s a little tiring watching these same old characters go around in the same old circles. Don’t get me wrong, the core characters are always important on a soap opera, but this storyline is underlining the need for an injection of fresh characters and fresh storyline ideas. For example, the appearance of James Warwick felt like a breath of fresh air on Friday’s episode. I liked that he figured out in short order that Thomas is lying. I don’t know how Thomas and Stephanie will ever redeem themselves after such a tasteless scheme, but I really don’t like how Stephanie has reverted to her old behavior, negating how her character evolved and grew as a result of having cancer and working with the homeless. What do you think Ridge should do in this situation? Let know by voting in The Bold And The Beautiful Snap Poll: Ridge’s Decision.