Bingo Game, that is! has learned that B&B’s Patrick Duffy (Stephen Logan), who is set to return to the show on Friday, May 2nd for an explosive Logan family event, has also landed another gig – game show host!

As of March 31st, Patrick began airing as the host for Game Show Network’s “Bingo America”, which is billed as a fast-paced, interactive game show event combining trivia with elements of traditional bingo game play. “Bingo America” awards prizes to both on-air contestants and home viewers.

Patrick, who is a self-professed lover of games, includes “To Tell the Truth” and “What’s My Line”, among his favorite game shows. He has made appearances on both “Hollywood Squares” and “Tattletales”, however, “Bingo America” will be Duffy’s first stint as a game show host.

Patrick Duffy’s co-host on “Bingo America” is Crystal Wallasch, a professional dancer and actress who, according to Game Show Network, grew up watching, and loving, game shows on television.

Although Patrick works on GSN and B&B, he and his wife Carlyn are based in Oregon. The couple has two sons, Conor, who aspires to be an actor like his father, and Padraic, who works on the other side of the stage as a playwright. wishes Patrick the best at his new show. Sounds like a lot of fun! Readers can check out the show at 7:00 PM EST on GSN weekdays! We also look forward to seeing Patrick return to our screens on The Bold and the Beautiful!