is excited to share that The Bold and the Beautiful has a parental connection to a current contestant on the reality television phenomenon, “The Bachelor 12”! Yes, one of the contestants vying for the heart of Londoner Matt Grant, is none other than Shayne Lamas, daughter of Lorenzo Lamas (Hector Ramirez)! Shayne is the offspring of Lorenzo and Michele Smith, who were married in 1983 and split in 1985 after having two children, Shayne, and her brother, A.J. Lamas.

Shayne is no stranger to reality television as she previously appeared on MTV’s Twentyfourseven. She is now building on her acting career, following in her dad’s footsteps. She has appeared on an episode of “Air America” as a flight attendant back in 1999, and then landed a gig on General Hospital (Emily) from 2003 – 2006. Since then, she has had three film roles, appearing in “Endless Bummer” this year, with two others yet to be released, “Deep in the Valley”, and “The 13th Alley”. Her stint on the “The Bachelor 12” is still ongoing at this point!

Acting seems to run in this family’s blood! Shayne’s brother, A.J. Lamas has held roles on “American Family” as Cisco, and on As the World Turns, where he played Rafael Ortega. A.J. also acted in the 2006 film, “Séance”. Their father, Lorenzo, hasn’t stopped working either! He has a new film coming out this year entitled, “Chinaman’s Chance”, which is a drama looking at emerging 1870’s America through the eyes of a Chinese immigrant falsely accused of murdering a white woman. It’s a far cry from his B&B role of Hector the firefighter – in this film, Lorenzo’s playing a priest! wishes Shayne best of luck on landing her man on “The Bachelor 12”! Check this spot for an update if she gets the final rose!