can confirm that Lesli Kay’s B&B character, Felicia Forrester, is feeling restless again! The ‘bold’ and ‘beautiful’ Felicia will once again be making the journey from Los Angeles to The Young and the Restless’s Genoa City, this time to flirt shamelessly with very married Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), who, along with his wife Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), his ex-wife Sharon (Sharon Case) and her husband Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), is running the new fashion e-zine, Restless Style, in which Forrester Creations has agreed to buy advertising space.

Felicia attended the launch party for Restless Style on March 26th, along with Jack’s sister, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). The two had a great time, and Felicia was so impressed that she made a verbal deal with Jack on the spot for Forrester to come on board the new venture! The vampy and fashion forward Forrester gal enjoyed flirting with some of Genoa City’s finest men at the exclusive party, so perhaps that’s what has her thinking of returning so soon – or could it be just business? Felicia also had a run-in with former sister-in-law Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) at the party. Amber now works as a secretary at Restless Style and is dating Phyllis’s son Daniel (Michael Graziadei). After realizing what Amber was up to in Genoa City, Felicia took it upon herself to ‘warn’ Phyllis about Amber, who used to be married to Felicia’s half-brother, Rick (then Justin Torkildsen, now Kyle Lowder). Phyllis, however, defended Amber’s right to be given another chance despite the mistakes she may have made in the past. Will Felicia leave it at that, or will she get drawn into a confrontation with Amber, or worse, Phyllis, who is bound to be unhappy when she finds out Felicia has an eye on her husband! is excited to see what’s in store for Lesli (and Felicia) at The Young and the Restless! Lesli’s scenes will air on Tuesday, April 8th and 9th!