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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of May 9 – 13:

Well, I’m back to really only being interested in Bill’s storyline. The jet crash crisis was a nice bit of drama, but it seems we’re back to the extremely repetitive and slow-moving stuff involving recycled storylines. Taylor wanting Ridge, Brooke struggling with a secret, Hope sending mixed signals, and Tawny harping at Amber – nothing new or intriguing. Here’s how it breaks down:

I have to be with him.
Taylor has hit an all-time high annoying factor with this latest Ridge-obsession. I don’t know who deserves a slap more, Taylor, or her sidelined hubby, Whip, who made himself look like a turd this week by approaching Ridge and putting his insecurities on full display. Taylor, once everyone’s best hope for a strong female character, needs to stop being so pathetic – she has more unresolved personal issues than any practicing psychiatrist should be allowed, and Whip needs to stop allowing himself to be second-best. Dump her! Have an affair! Do something, man!

Hard to forget.
What happened, or didn’t happen, on the island may be difficult for Brooke to forget, but is it any wonder what with her rehashing it with Thomas every five minutes! This whole scenario, with Brooke and Thomas arguing over whether or not to keep a secret was just done with the plane kiss, and honestly, it was unappealing the first time, so why do we want to sit through a second round of it? Just tell Ridge already, Brooke. If nothing else it will make him stop saying, “You’re safe now, Logan.”

Sexberry jam.
I found it hilarious that Thomas brought back a mash of berries from the island home in his jeans pocket. You have to wonder who is going to be weird enough to find that mess and taste it – because you know someone will!