Justin’s only going to take so much of Bill’s stuff.

Soaps.com recently had the real pleasure of chatting with “B&B” actor Aaron D. Spears, who dished about all things ‘Justin’, his latest project, and offered his opinion on the changes in the soap industry.

Soaps.com: Justin and Donna (Jennifer Gaeris) have a great background for a love story, but their engagement and wedding didn’t have a lot of build up – did it feel as ‘sudden’ for you as it did for viewers?

Aaron: I guess it did come on fast from a viewing perspective, but if you look at it in terms of a background story; high school, us already knowing each other, us already trying to be together, and given everything that Justin did to try to court her while she was with Eric, it was more of ‘I feel what it is that we should have been and now what we could be.’ I was available, and I think she saw the effort I’d put in, and I think she just went after it, there was no sense in waiting. We already knew each other, I’d already courted her…what are we waiting for? From a viewer perspective, people do love to see romance, they do want to see build up, they want to see all the intricacies that make the relationship special; they definitely could have done that, and I think viewers would have loved that and enjoyed that, but just the same, hopefully that means they will move forward and into our lives as a married couple even more.

Soaps.com: Justin has also established a relationship with his son, Marcus (Texas Battle). Do you anticipate developing this in the future, as well as the family dynamic with Justin, Marcus, and Donna?

Aaron: I’m really looking forward to it. That is an aspect that I feel is needed a lot, because Justin hadn’t had a chance to really know his son, and now they’ve been given an opportunity to be a family, and reunite the entire family once again. I think it’s a very important dynamic for Justin and Marcus to get to know each other a little better, whether that means we get along, or we don’t get along, I definitely think it does need to be explored and I think people are looking forward to it being explored. As well, I think it will give Marcus a chance to actually grow up; he’s still playing a younger gentleman, and it’s time for him to become a complete young adult.

Soaps.com: It was great that Tonya Lee Williams came over from “Y&R” as Justin’s cousin, Olivia. Being one of ‘those’ Barbers gives Justin some roots. He could even cross over to “Y&R.”

Aaron: Yeah, that was really fun. I’m hoping that they will allow her to come back, as well as me to go over to Genoa City. I do look forward to being able to go across the hall and do some things over there, as well as have her come back to us and make even more history. It seems as if her and Bill were having their little banter back and forth, so it would be interesting to see how they develop it.

Soaps.com: Justin and Bill (Don Diamont) have a close bond of friendship, but also have an employee/boss relationship. Can you imagine Bill and Justin having a falling out? As an actor would you like to play it?

Aaron: I think as actors, we always love a little ‘juice’. Considering our friendship, I do believe we would get into it, because Bill is a strong personality, but by the same token, so is Justin – you have to be in order to be around Bill otherwise he’ll just run completely over you. I think what Justin and Bill have been able to establish thus far, is that they do have a great relationship, but at the same time Justin’s only going to take so much of Bill’s stuff. He’s not going to bite his tongue if he’s asked a truthful question; he’s going to tell Bill about some of his antics, if he doesn’t agree. So, they could definitely get into it. I don’t know how far the fallout would go. There are some things that Bill may be getting himself involved in coming up here soon that may stress their relationship.

Soaps.com: Bill’s marriage to Katie (Heather Tom) has been rocky lately – how does this impact on Justin’s marriage to Donna – could it cause tension if Justin feels pulled in two directions?

Aaron: It could. That’s a thin line that any person has to walk, regardless if it’s Justin and Bill or just a person in life where you’re friends, and now you happened to be married to sisters, and if your partner’s not doing right by one of the sisters, or if their relationship is rocky, on which side of the fence do you now stand? I think if they exercise that it will give a good dynamic to Bill and Justin’s relationship, as well as Donna and Justin’s relationship, as well as whether Justin feels comfortable enough to confide in Katie, or does he stick with his tried and true Dollar Bill and go that route.

Soaps.com: If he had to choose between Donna and Bill – where do you think his loyalties would lie?

Aaron: That’s a hard one! [laughs] I’m thinking, I’ve got a friend I’ve known forever, and then all of the sudden where does my loyalty lay between my wife and my friend? In the relationship that I have currently in my life, it would be with my wife, because that’s the person you’re planning on spending the rest of your life with. With Bill and Justin, I don’t know – there’s another dynamic to that because the friend is also your boss. You know what I’m saying? You’re not only jeopardizing your job, but now you’re jeopardizing your entire household; now you no longer have income. I definitely know Justin could find another job…but that’s also a relationship, and Bill pays me extremely well because I am also a friend of his, and he has very few of those. But I also know what it is I’m doing at the job and I handle my business professionally. That’s a good question. I have to put a big, giant question mark on that one. [laughs] That’s a tricky one there!