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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of May 2 – 6:

Even though this week revolved around a single storyline, many characters were pulled in, and it was quite entertaining, and dramatic, at times. Let’s break it down:

I won’t give up.
There’s no denying the sexual chemistry between Steffy and Bill, but her shameless pursuit of a married man during a crisis in which her brother could be dead, definitely bordered on tasteless. That said, it was an entertaining diversion. As far as them becoming a couple, I’m not sure where I stand. Steffy comes across rather ‘young’ for Bill for the most part – mostly due to acting like a spoiled teen as opposed to the worldly businesswoman she wants to be perceived as.

Happy endings.
I can’t take anymore of Hope’s flip-flopping between Liam and Oliver. So over it.

Support system.
I loved the coming together of the families to support each other as the search for Brooke and Thomas continued. Pam being the one to provide Donna with comfort, Stephanie examining her feelings for Brooke, and mending fences with Stephen – all were moments that remind us why we watch soaps. Nick announcing that Brooke and Thomas were alive caused a celebratory mood that was downright contagious.