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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 18 – 22:

Here’s hoping the writers at “The Bold and the Beautiful” surprise us by NOT having Brooke and Thomas sleep together after the jet crash. Aside from that creeping concern, the rest of the week was pretty good. Let’s take a look:

Less Hopeless.
Thankfully they dialed down the Hope scenes this week. She made the switch to Oliver, who will apparently take her any way he can get her. I still don’t understand why she can’t just be single. In any case, I liked her scenes laughing with Eric at Forrester – a nice change of pace for Hope.

Sharing shares.
It was nice to see the Forrester clan gathered again – even if it was to toast the spoiled Thomas, who was rewarded for bad behavior with part ownership in the company. If I was Thorne, I’d be hopping mad this Easter!

Bevy of beauties.
I’m confused about Thomas – is he a playboy like his father was at his age, or is he madly in love with Dayzee to the exclusion of all others? Or does he secretly only want Brooke? It’s tough to get a handle on the character.

Wow, Thomas sure has a good set of lungs on him, as evidenced by his screaming in the ocean. This could be a good story, but not with a young man and his stepmother. Yuck. I’m dreading the possibility of ‘life-threatening situation’ sex. What do you think about the idea of Thomas and Brooke becoming intimate? Let us know by casting a vote in’s The Bold And The Beautiful Snap Poll: Life-Threatening Situation.