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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 4 – 8:

I’ve been trying to be a good sport about this – you can’t expect a soap to have compelling tales like Stephanie and Brooke’s homeless storyline every week – but frankly, the show has had me shaking my head for a bit now, and this week did nothing to improve matters. Here are my thoughts on this week’s main stories:

Yes, that’s what they’re calling Brooke’s daughter on the message boards, and it could just as easily refer to the storyline itself. What on earth makes the writers think that viewers are interested in having the show dominated by a teenager whose sum total of life experience is growing up rich and sniveling over boys who have cheated on her? Sure she’s cute and nice, but she’s not witty, savvy, or interesting in her own right; she hasn’t pursued education or traveled, and isn’t emotionally ready for an adult relationship, so she shouldn’t be front-burner. Side-burner, maybe. Not to mention that her storyline with Liam has practically been a repeat of her previous one with Oliver – and no one cared much the first time around. Why is this character being featured so heavily when we don’t get to see Thorne, Felicia, Eric, Stephen and Pam, Bridget, or Jackie hardly at all? I just don’t get it.

Seduction junction.
Did anyone else keep waiting for Liam to burst out laughing when Amber was using her purring porno voice to impress upon him the virtues of becoming a family as she seduced him? At least it was comic relief. As for Tawny, she’s starting to sound like a broken record, which isn’t too entertaining. I keep asking myself why Amber wasn’t hooked up with Rick again when she returned – it could have been a compelling, character-driven story given the history between them, but more importantly, it was something the viewers actually wanted to see!

Would you be mine, could you be mine?
Oliver, whose cardigans and button-downs have him being referred to as ‘Mr. Rogers’ by some viewers, tried to ‘roger’ poor Hope right when she was at her most vulnerable – maybe he’s not the nicest guy in the neighborhood after all!