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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of March 28 – April 1:

Two stories are grabbing my attention right now – the one that could develop out of the Bill and Nick dust-up, and to some extent the Liam/Amber stuff. I’m really puzzled over some of the other current stories; they are either unappealing or jump around erratically. Here are my thoughts on this past week:

Taboo boo-boo.
I’m not interested in the Taboo storyline. Thomas essentially comes across like a spoiled brat, and there is no appeal in his having a ‘thing’ for Brooke – just makes him seem weird. By the way, what happened to his all-consuming obsession for Dayzee?

Stones please.
Taylor’s character continued to disappoint as she tailed Ridge across the Atlantic harping on her theories and hoping he’d dump Brooke while her own husband sat at home. Whip needs to get some ‘stones’ and give his wife a huge wakeup call – heck, Carl the lab geek showed more backbone this week!

Rivalry renewal.
As much as I’ve enjoyed the rivalry of Stephanie and Brooke over the years, I can’t help but feel put out that Stephanie has given up on their newly-forged friendship so easily – especially with nattering Taylor as her sidekick. It made me glad Ridge chose to stay with Brooke – not only because it’s refreshing for a marriage to last longer than five minutes, but also because I wanted to see Taylor get the short end of the stick. Funny, because I used to be such an admirer of Taylor, but her recent off-the-wall behavior has been a real turn-off.

Random question.
Why are they dressing Oliver like an old man in button-downs and cardigans? Just asking.