Brian Patrick Clarke - GH's Grant! (ABC) decided that with all the drama surrounding the character Storm Logan Jr. recently on The Bold and the Beautiful, it would be a perfect time to look in on the two actors who previously portrayed the long-suffering Logan brother!

Storm Logan Jr. is currently played brilliantly by actor William DeVry, but before he was cast in October of 2006, the role had been occupied by two different actors, Ethan Wayne and Brian Patrick Clarke.

Ethan Wayne was the original Storm, debuting in 1987. He played the part for a year and popped in for visits at various times until 2001. Of course, Ethan is one of the sons of late movie actor John Wayne. Ethan began acting as young as age seven, when he had a part in one of his dad’s westerns. He popped up in several television series over the years such as “Adam 12”, “Knight Rider” and “Suddenly Susan”, and peppered his career with interesting add-ons such as appearing numerous times on “$10,000 Pyramid” with Dick Clark, and working as a stuntman in the films “Blues Brothers” and “Night of the Living Dead”. Wayne hasn’t acted since ending his stint on B&B, and now devotes his energies to running Wayne Enterprises and serving as Director of The John Wayne Cancer Foundation.