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B&B Breakdown Week of March 14-18:

It was a short week on The Bold and the Beautiful, but I found myself really annoyed with everyone on the show. It seems like it’s the same thing over and over with all of them. They all seem to have selective memory. Here’s my take on what is right and wrong.

Ridge, the man with Botox of the soul.
The line of the week for me was when Ridge told Brooke, “No matter what you do, I just can’t stay mad at you.” That pretty much sums it all up. She can accidentally sleep with her daughter’s boyfriend, and it’s all fine and dandy to Ridge. So she kissed his son, no big deal. Why would Brooke try to walk the straight and narrow when her own husband doesn’t really mind? He seems to have no feelings about anything. I think deep down Ridge gets excited wondering what his wife will do next.

Brooke, the woman who never learns.
I actually felt bad for her this week when Stephanie and Taylor were ripping into her. She seemed genuinely upset that Stephanie was disappointed in her and kudos to Katherine Kelly Lang’s acting in this scene. Yet why did she feel she needed to comfort Thomas? Isn’t she just setting herself up for more trouble? She never learns. I think Taylor was onto something when she told Ridge that Brooke was becoming vulnerable to Thomas. Brooke just can’t help but try and be the center of every man’s fantasy.

Taylor, the psychiatrist who needs her own head checked.
I can totally understand Taylor’s need to protect her son, especially from a woman who has caused her so much grief over the years. However, I think she’s going about it in the wrong way. She’s treating Thomas like he’s ten, rather than a man. It wasn’t so long ago that Taylor not only dated, but was engaged to Brooke’s son, Rick. The doc is getting a taste of her own medicine and it’s not fun. For Taylor, I just wish she would find her own life outside of Forrester.