Darcy with Amy Carlson on the set of "The Kidnapping"

You may not see a lot of Abby Carlton on The Young and the Restless or The Bold and the Beautiful, but that certainly doesn’t mean her portrayer Darcy Rose Byrnes hasn’t been working. Having appeared in several primetime TV shows, movies of the week and theatre productions, Darcy is one busy working actress.

I met Darcy and her parents CJ and Cathy at a local Burbank Starbucks, where after being warmly greeted with a lovely potted rose plant, we hung out drinking iced teas for over an hour. During this time, I quickly learned that behind this sweet, little nine-year-old exterior, lies a high energy, multi-talented dynamo.

Referring to herself as, “the CBS ping pong ball,” Darcy finds her character going back and forth from Los Angeles to Genoa City to deliver key plot points, like Ashley’s engagement to Ridge Forrester. But switching shows isn’t as big a deal as it is made out to be, as the shows are taped in the same studio and use a lot of the same cast and crew.

However, when she first crossed the hall to The Bold and the Beautiful, the cast told her it was in deed different on their side. According to Darcy, “The first time I worked over there, they said, ‘We’re nicer over here.'” I asked if that was true, but Darcy is far too diplomatic to answer that question. All I got out of her was, “They’re all so nice. It’s almost like they’re my family because I see them so much.”

Apparently the only differences in shows is that she gets off work much earlier on The Bold and the Beautiful and she’s the oldest child actor on that set, instead of being the youngest, as is the case over at The Young and the Restless.