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B&B Breakdown
Week of February 21 – 25:

There were some really great scenes in the hospital early in the week, but things went a bit downhill after that. Thursday’s episode in particular felt like a very long half-hour. Things picked up on Friday. Let’s take a look at the week:

Is the devil making her do it?
I love that Steffy’s back in the mix stirring things up. The one complaint I have, however, is that I don’t understand her motivation in being so mean. She was downright disrespectful and condescending to Stephanie at the cafe (such a turn off!), and I also don’t get her renewed venom toward Brooke, since she had cooled considerably on that when she left for Paris. To appreciate this character, I need to understand her better, otherwise she’ll just be a one-note villainess.

Bedroom talk.
Um, why is it that every conversation Ridge and Brooke have ends up being about them, their relationship, and destiny? Yeesh!

Thomas and Dayzee.
I still feel like an outsider on this one, meaning I’m not being drawn into the emotions they are supposedly feeling toward one another. I’m hoping that will change as things develop. I’m also praying that they de-geek Thomas a bit. When did he become the type to wear his collar buttoned up to his neck? It’s really not helping him lose that creepy vibe he’s still giving off.