readers know that we have recently profiled past The Bold and the Beautiful characters, Jessica Forrester (Maitland Ward) and her lover Dylan Shaw (Dylan Neal), so it’s only fitting that we follow up with another integral player in the storyline, Maggie Forrester (Barbara Crampton), Dylan’s one-time lover, and Jessica’s mother!

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Maggie was once married to the brother of Forrester patriarch Eric (John McCook), who was never seen onscreen. She came to town after her daughter Jessica, and began a love affair with Dylan Shaw. Dylan of course, was in love with Maggie’s daughter, but they had put their relationship on hold at the time he met Maggie. Neither Dylan nor Maggie realized the other’s connection to Jessica, and when it was discovered, Maggie gave up her lover for her daughter’s sake. Maggie also formed a friendship with Sheila during her time on B&B, but it was short-lived. When Maggie found out that Sheila was behind Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) mercury poisoning, they wound up in a fight and Maggie pushed Sheila onto a fire poker! But as B&B fans know, that wasn’t the end of Sheila! She and Maggie ended up in a rivalry over James Warwick (Ian Buchanan), which led to Sheila kidnapping Maggie (she eventually released her to prove to James she was ‘better’), Maggie being arrested for attempting to kill Sheila by cutting off her oxygen in the hospital, Maggie kidnapping Sheila (she escaped), and Maggie and Lauren (Tracy Bregman) teaming up to try and drive Sheila over the edge! In the end, James had fallen in love with Sheila, who had given birth to his child, and Maggie left town when she lost all hope of getting him back.

The character Maggie Forrester was played by actress Barbara Crampton, who had previously portrayed Leanna Love on The Young and the Restless from 1987-1993. During this stint, Barbara, a Vermont native, married director of photography, David Boyd (in 1988), but they divorced two years later. Barbara reprised the role of Leanna from 1998-2002 and again for a brief time in 2006-2007. She held the role of Melinda Lewis on Guiding Light from 1993-1995, before jumping into the role of Maggie on B&B for a three-year run from 1995-1998.

Early in her acting career, Barbara, who spent summers traveling with her carnie father, moved to Los Angeles and landed roles in old-style horror flicks such as “Re-Animator” and “CastleFreak”. “Fraternity Vacation” was another of her past films. More recently, she has appeared in films “Cold Harvest” and “Read You Like a Book”. It looks like her next project will be a sequel to “Re-Animator”, called “House of Re-Animator” a sci-fi horror movie in which she’ll play First Lady to William H. Macy’s President of the United States! would love to see the vivacious actress, Barbara Crampton, return to any of her daytime roles! In the meantime, we wish the Soap Opera Digest award winner best of luck in all of her upcoming projects!