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B&B Breakdown
Week of February 7 – 11:

It was a fair week on The Bold and the Beautiful. There was some good, classic soap opera storytelling happening, and some comic relief, but nothing stellar to report. Here are my thoughts:

Although the stories from the lung cancer survivors were extremely moving, I’m officially over this storyline, which has acquired the feel of a long lecture. It’s a responsible message to send, but the delivery hasn’t been that entertaining except for the initial one-liners between Stephanie and Nick. As for Owen and Jackie’s ‘serious’ discussion about Nick’s addiction, I was too distracted by them macking on each other to take in what they were saying – was that really necessary?

Brooke and Bill.
I liked the switch-up of having Brooke and Bill share a few scenes together. I just wish they had been discussing something far more interesting than Liam and Hope.