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B&B Breakdown
Week of January 31 – February 4:

On the whole, I have to say The Bold and the Beautiful was a bit on the boring side this week – or maybe I’m just not that into the current storylines. Let’s take a closer look:

Family feud.
I must admit to feeling conflicted about the Logan and Forrester family feud coming to an end. I loved seeing Stephanie give Pam her blessing and mending fences with Stephen, but will miss them being at each other’s throats. That said, with Donna accusing Pam of serving poison lemon bars at her wedding reception, there should still be plenty of sniping to look forward to, and the truce probably won’t last long anyway. Do you think the truce will last? Let us know by voting in’s The Bold And The Beautiful Snap Poll: The Forrester Logan Truce.

Amber drops her bomb.
I just can’t get excited about this rather predictable storyline, and I remain bewildered as to why Amber and Tawny are mixing it up with teenagers. In any case, Hope’s ‘Nancy Drew’ routine got on my nerves so much this week, that I’ve decided that I’ll take some satisfaction in watching Amber prevail – for the time being. I can’t imagine where this storyline will take Amber down the road.

Honey bear.
I loved the honey references this week – especially when Eric pulled out the honey bottle to joke with Stephanie – good stuff!