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B&B Breakdown
Week of January 24 – 28:

There were some issues this week with storylines coming out of the blue, and scenes putting me to sleep, but there were also scenes cracking me up – love this! Let’s break it down:

Grill time.
Brooke grilling Thomas about his feelings for her was one of the aforementioned scenes that put me to sleep – this is so over. I just can’t get invested in such a creepy idea, and frankly, it was a relief to see Madison and Summer bickering over him. Here’s hoping they drop whole idea of Thomas sitting in his room alone with photos of Brooke – yick.

Quit smoking campaign.
While I love the idea of Nick and Stephanie sharing a storyline, and there have been some great one-liners, at the same time, the story has a simplistic, predictable vibe that I slightly dislike. Maybe it’s the preachy, public service announcement-type stuff being written into the dialogue? Anyway, it was good that Stephanie went and told Jackie – look out Nick! Do you like this storyline so far? Tell us by voting in’s The Bold And The Beautiful Snap Poll: Quittin’ Time.

I’m having your baby.
I loved the twist of having Tawny recruit Carl to do the dirty DNA deeds in the lab! Didn’t he switch results for Bridget or somebody way back when? Anyway, it was another snorefest watching Hope and Liam discuss Amber for two days before she finally showed up and blurted out her bomb. I’m still not a fan of Amber being in this plot, but we’ll see where it goes.