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B&B Breakdown
Week of January 17 – 21:

Well, there was definitely some new stuff developing this week storyline-wise. Let’s take a look at the latest happenings in Los Angeles:

Home sweet home.
Brooke and Thomas returned home from Paris. Brooke, who apparently has learned absolutely nothing in all her years of dealing with men, is keeping Thomas’s secret – which we all know will come back to bite her in the butt. Thomas, meanwhile, told his mother to cram her psychobabble, which we’ve all been wanting to do, so thanks for that. As for Thomas sitting up in his room looking at pictures of Brooke – yuck. It looks like Thomas will try to hide his obsession by dating girls like Madison. I just wish this storyline would go away – it’s too creepy.

Almost ready.

Hope telling Liam she is considering sleeping with him bores me to tears. Maybe because we heard her give the same tease-y speech to Oliver so many times? If she’d stop talking and just do it, she might become more interesting. Then again, probably not. Actually, Hope needs to get out in the world and broaden her horizons – that might work.

Can we please stop with Bill discussing relationships 24/7? It really doesn’t seem fitting for this character to be gossiping about couples all the time with his wife. I can’t believe that he’d really care!