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B&B Breakdown
Week of January 3 – 7:

While I’m not enjoying all of the stories on The Bold and the Beautiful right now, there were some good scenes this week. The incredible Stephanie storyline has set the bar pretty high for this show, which may prove to be a problem for other plots which don’t have the same substance. Let’s break it down:

At risk of sounding like a broken record, er, CD, I just can’t fathom what Amber is doing mixed up with this age group. Having Tawny show up to press an agenda is soapy good fun, but it doesn’t play as well with Amber being thirty-something. The exchange between Amber and Brooke was pretty loaded – there’s a compelling chemistry there, but the question remains, does anyone really care who this young girl, Hope, dates? It’s not enough storyline to sink your teeth into. As for Hope forgiving Liam, it was a cute scene when he chewed his boot, but I found it unrealistic that she carried on for months about Oliver, and then forgave Liam in two days. What did you think? Tell us by casting a vote in’s The Bold And The Beautiful Snap Poll: Forgiveness.

Back in business.
I thought it was a little too breezy how Jackie sketched up some designs and they turned out fantastic – now they’re back in business! I’d like to see some more substance in the stories surrounding these characters.

Owen’s proposal.
A very romantic gesture, but really out of the blue considering these characters have had no storyline lately. Next to the homeless stuff with Stephanie, Brooke, and Dayzee, this comes across like so much fluff. As with the Jackie M company, I would like to have seen more plot development here so it might have had more meaning. That said, I loved the scene where Nick called Aggie ‘Naggy’, and the reunion of Jackie and her handsome sailor son was pretty sweet too.