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B&B Breakdown
Week of December 27 – 31:

Well, it’s been a bit of a step down this week from Stephanie’s uplifting Christmas at Dayzee’s. Seems we’re back to being mired in the Thomas/Brooke photo scandal, and Amber’s knocked-up! I could have done with some New Year’s Eve celebrations instead. Here are my thoughts on this past week:

Shut it!
Something that drove me nuts was Hope interrupting and talking over Liam every time he opened his mouth to say something at their picnic. I was actually ready to shout at the TV screen, “Shut up and let him talk!” What a motor mouth. She irritated me so much I had a hard time feeling bad for her when he confessed to the infidelity he didn’t commit. Oh, and by the way, what person in this day and age would ask, “Did you go all the way?” Just because Hope’s a virgin, doesn’t mean she would talk like she’s in the 1950’s. Her anger at Liam’s confession, however, was right on point!

Shut it! Part II.
When Taylor joined Thomas and Brooke outside at Forrester and laid into them yet again about the photo, I so badly wanted Brooke to just stand up and say, “Hello hypocrite! Do you not remember bedding my son Rick? Just asking!” Why has no one raised this point throughout all of Taylor’s ranting and raving? Drives me crazy!

Knocked up!
The whole concept of Amber, who matured over on sister soap, The Young and the Restless, and who was married to Rick Forrester eons ago, reverting to being depicted as a gold-digging, trashy, thirty-something who hangs out with teens, is lost on me. Now she’s pregnant, and the father (Oliver) is basically a teen, and Tawny is going to persuade her into attempting this hare-brained scheme that is way beneath the Amber we have come to know. I miss the Amber who was a kind and sensitive friend, and who left Genoa City to do right by Little Eric when Deacon messed up. The positive is that Tawny came back – such a great, campy character!