Stephanie and Brooke help the homeless. (CBS)

A golden year.

Few could argue that it’s been a huge year for The Bold and the Beautiful. Winning a second straight Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, Bradley Bell and company have delivered yet another year of soapy, steamy, drama-filled goodness. Granted, no show could ever produce a year that’s entirely solid, but “B&B” came pretty close. Let’s take a look back at all the drama that unfolded during “The Bold and the Beautiful’s” successful 2010 campaign.

Control of Forrester Creations switched hands back to its rightful owners. Thanks to Steffy’s blackmail and trickery, Bill Spencer signed the rights of the company over to Ridge, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor. Of course, this didn’t sit well with Brooke, but it’s an arrangement that has stayed solid for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, Brooke’s daughter with Deacon, Hope, became all grown-up and started to work at Forrester.

In other news, Aggie lost the baby she was carrying for Bridget and Nick. A devastated Bridget ran into the arms of Owen and the two ended up sleeping together. Of course, Aggie’s brother Oliver accidentally caught the dirty deed on camera. Aggie caught wind of it, too, and tried to spill the beans to Nick, with whom she’s madly in love. To make things worse, Bridget became pregnant because of the one-night stand with Owen.

Somewhere amongst all this mess, Whip proposed to Taylor and the two got married. Yawn.

Back at Forrester, Eric and Stephanie kissed one another. Despite being married to Donna, Eric decided to have Stephanie move into his and Donna’s guest house. Meanwhile, Donna’s parents, Stephen and Beth, came to visit because Beth’s health was deteriorating. Low and behold, Stephanie and Beth got into a fight by the pool and the end result was Beth falling into the water and drowning! Donna was devastated but Eric stood by Stephanie, knowing that she wasn’t directly responsible for killing Beth. Cue the divorce between Eric and Donna. Eric quickly rekindled his relationship with Stephanie.

Also at Forrester, Steffy was making Hope’s professional life a living hell, and was also trying to sleep with Hope’s new boyfriend, Oliver. Hope and Oliver loved each other, though, and there was no coming between them. That is, of course, until Oliver accidentally slept with Brooke during Hope’s masquerade-themed party. The debacle eventually came to light, killing Oliver and Hope’s romance, but somehow strengthening the bond between Ridge and Brooke.

Somewhere amongst all this mess, Stephen fake-fell-in-love with Pam and almost convinced her to shoot and kill her own sister, Stephanie. No one died, and Stephen ended up going to jail. Fail.