Good gathering! (

B&B Breakdown
Week of December 20 – 24:

It’s been a strong week for The Bold and the Beautiful. I’m a big fan of gatherings, so between Liam’s party and the Christmas celebration, I was happy. Check out my thoughts on the week:

Bill’s bash.

I found it slightly odd to have Michael Buffer and the Lakers Girls introduce ‘William Spencer III’ to the world, but decided to go with the flow and enjoy it because I love a good party! Bill was sexy, but, wow, did he manipulate Liam’s emotions or what? I found myself wishing Hope would assert herself rather than flit around sulking, so when she didn’t, and left instead, I was okay with that. Donna was cute with Marcus and Justin in tow, but Amber was another story…see below.

Amber on the prowl.
She all but makes big cat noises as she stalks her prey! I just feel like Amber’s character has become ridiculous. I’ve already said enough in past blogs about her not being the same person we knew from Y&R, but honestly, back to fortune-hunting and seducing twenty year-olds? The growth Amber underwent over the years made her much more interesting, so this is a big step back – I feel embarrassed for her in this storyline. I’d rather see her interact with Rick than trying to steal boys from teenage girls!

I see CJ!
I loved seeing CJ on the show this week! I appreciate having former characters check in from time-to-time. His scenes with Stephanie and Dayzee were really solid, and I smiled at his reference to Sally being in heaven. Good stuff.