Shut it, Aggie! (

B&B Breakdown
Week of November 29 – December 3:

Not surprisingly, I found the continued focus on the Thomas/Brooke non-situation, and the Hope/Oliver/Liam triangle to be tiresome this week. However, it was great to see some other faces back on the canvas. Check out my thoughts on the week:

Taylor’s troubles.
I’m still finding Taylor’s reaction to the whole situation with Thomas and Brooke to be over-the-top and hypocritical. As for her vying for Stephanie’s favors like a child, and lighting up when Ridge hints at running back to her, I find it all to be very embarrassing behavior for a woman who is a psychiatrist! I feel particularly bad for Whip, who needs to duck and cover. The worst news is that sooner or later, Taylor will probably prove to be right about Brooke and Thomas, and will then become more obnoxiously self-righteous than ever! I want Taylor to be strong and admirable – please make this happen. What do you think about Taylor’s feelings for Ridge resurfacing? Let us know by voting in’s The Bold and the Beautiful Snap Poll: Taylor and Ridge.

Angry Aggie.
Even though Aggie makes tons of good points about Amber, I can’t help but want her to shut up – she comes across so bossy!