Maitland Ward (White Chicks/Columbia Pictures) readers who watched B&B in the mid-nineties will remember when Jessica Forrester (Maitland Ward) was in town! Jessica is Eric’s (John McCook) niece, the daughter of his brother John and mother Maggie (Barbara Crampton). The character appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful from 1994 through 1996. She came to L.A. to live with Stephanie during her parent’s divorce.

While Jessica lived in Los Angeles she fell for hottie Forrester intern Dylan Shaw (Dylan Neal). But when Eric found out about the romance, he had Dylan charged with statutory rape for his dalliance with the seventeen year old! He was found not guilty, but stopped seeing Jessica for a period of time. Next, Jessica’s mother arrived in town and started dating Dylan – unaware of his connection to her daughter! Maggie broke things off when she found out that Jessica was in love with him. At one point, Lauren offered to pay Dylan for sex as a test of his loyalty to Jessica! While apart from Dylan, Jessica became involved with Sly Donovan (Brent Jasmer), who figured he would get her pregnant and score himself some Forrester funds! When she blew him off and returned to bliss with true love Dylan, Jessica suffered a rape at the hands of a vengeful Sly. She told only her mother the truth, and left to study in London (where she still resides today).