Mustang Sally! (CBS)

On any well-loved television show there are special moments that stand out in viewer’s minds. These are scenes that made us laugh, cry, or even get angry. On The Bold and the Beautiful, there have been no shortage of stand-out scenes boasting brilliant acting, so when we asked readers to name their favorites it was no surprise that the answers ranged from long-ago to present-day!

Overwhelmingly, the favorite scenes involved the beloved and zany character Sally Spectra. Darlene Conley’s passing has been a loss on so many levels. Not just a fantastic actress, but an irreplaceable character on the B&B canvas. In fact, we had so many responses recalling ‘Sally scenes’ that it warrants the character having an article all of her own! Watch this spot in the near future for a tribute to Darlene Conley and the unforgettable Sally Spectra!

Here is what our readers told us when we asked for their memories and favorite classic B&B scenes:

“When Felicia had cancer and she was about to die, and faith and hope and maternal love steps in and says do everything you can. That is what every Mother should do, is to never give up hope or faith. Maybe that part of the show gave someone the hope to fight.” ~ Windflower

“I enjoyed the 5000th episode with Eric and Stephanie having the pillow fight, and then ended up doing “you know what”; and even funnier was when Ridge and Brooke were outside their bedroom on the ladder and saw everything!! Gawd that was hilarious!” ~ angie850

“I also enjoyed the episode when Thorne had bought Spectra and they had this big dancing/partying scene in Sally’s office (with Clarke, Massimo, Thorne, Darla and some staff). They put in the CD “Mustang Sally” and everybody was getting down…even Massimo!” ~ angie850

“My favorite scene was when Sally and Stephanie got smashed and cut Stephanie’s hair. They were so drunk and laughed so hard that I was crying as I was laughing with them!” ~ dwebster

“I loved the scene when Thorne had the presidency of FC taken away from him by Eric and given back to Ridge. The anger in his eyes and when he threw that chair through the glass window – you could feel the anger!” ~ szqsk8

“…the scene where Thorne and Macy “re-discovered” each other at the lighthouse when B&B was in Italy.” ~ szqsk8

“…the scene when Taylor was in the hospital after the shooting and her three kids came in and all crawled up on her hospital bed and hugged her while she was telling them that God was in control no matter what happened – all the while looking at her heart rate climb on the monitor past the critical number!” ~ szqsk8

“… kind of disturbing but memorable. When Ridge and Brooke got married on that island in their strange costumes and they thought Ridge was incinerated. Well, of course Nick was there and they were so both distraught that Nick and Brooke had to make love!” ~ Windflower

“My fave scene was Nick and Stephanie at the old tavern down by the waterfront. Nick was there getting drunk for some reason (escapes me now) and Stephanie sat down on the bar stool beside him. He said something about this being a bit beneath her standards and she took his tequila and slugged back a drink right out of the bottle. I thought I would wet my pants! Then later after a few more slugs, Stephanie pretended to be choking on the worm….Nick was all worried about her and Steph started giggling….gotcha!….I enjoyed the “human-ness” of that scene so much not to mention it was down right funny!” ~ Greema2four

“I’ve always looked forward to the fashion shows. I sit and say “oooh I love that” or “no one in their right mind would wear that”!” ~ Molli

“…when Stephanie threw the letter opener at Brooke and it whizzed right past Brooke’s head and stuck in the door!” ~ Molli

“The best scene (to date), for me is when crazy Pam, sicked TINY on Donna!” ~ ladygg

“I loved when Brooke confronted Stephanie in the hospital after the fake heart-attack, pulled out the oxygen-tube and uttered the already classic line: “Just die Stephanie….prove me wrong and die!!!”…Also when Brooke found a back-bone and told Ridge it was over between them after the fake heart-attack was revealed.” ~ Anders

“Another classic moment was the scene where Sheila tried to drown Lauren in a hot-tub, and almost succeeded!” ~ Anders

“The Brooke-Stephanie slap-fight in Eric’s office during the confrontation over BeLief has also stayed in my memory.” ~ Anders

“Bridget overhearing Brooke and Deacon on the baby-monitor…..Stephanie confronting Brooke and Deacon over their affair.!” ~ Anders