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B&B Breakdown
Week of October 25 – 29:

It was a special week on The Bold and the Beautiful with the Stephanie storyline, and the intrigue with Amber put viewers in mind of the old days of the Spectra/Forrester rivalry. Here are my comments:

The slap.
Did Taylor deserve the slap? Well, considering she was the one who told Stephanie that Brooke thought she was seducing Ridge at the graduation party, it was rather irrational for her to turn around and accuse Brooke of intentionally seducing Oliver. On the other hand, given Brooke’s track record, it’s not too hard to understand Taylor’s trepidation where Thomas is concerned. BUT, when you consider that Taylor has been with Brooke’s son, Rick, well… We could debate this all day. The fact is, it’s a classic rivalry that makes for good television.

Poor heartbroken Oliver is being played like a fiddle by scheming Amber. Although I’m still not able to reconcile this Amber with the version we knew on The Young and the Restless, it’s not hard to see that the writers are trying to revisit the good old days of the rivalry between fashion houses, with the underdog always resorting to these types of tactics. I’m enjoying it, and interested to see how far Amber can go before she’s exposed.